The New Cabaret Series Presents


Sunday, September 8th

The Cabaret Series is a new performing experience for ages 10 and older unlike any other.  The performance is held in Junior Actors Company's new Black Box Theatre and performing alongside JAC's live Cabaret band!  Audience members will be sat throughout the stage at round tables with the performance happening all around them!  Performers will give a unique and immersive experience to make every audience member feel like they have entered Into the Woods!  To really bring the cabaret feel to life, audience members will enjoy pre-show appetizers at their table and dessert at intermission as well!  


Sorrento Valley

Open to the first 30 to register

Auditions November 7th 4:00-8:00 at JAC


November 16 & 23 4:00-8:00

December 7, 14, 21 6:00-8:30

Jan 11-Mar 21 (Saturdays) 6:00-8:30

April 4, 18 4:00-8:00

10855 Sorrento Valley Rd Suite 8, San Diego

(most weeks not all cast members will be called the full rehearsal block)

Performing April 24-26 (times TBA)

Rehearsal Week April 20-23 (times TBA)

Additional Info


Performing at the JAC Black Box Theatre

April 24-26 2020

Number of performances will be determined based on registration.  Since this is a new program, thank you for your patience in the announcement of show times!



$100 to Register 

Registration Fee is non-refundable and holds your place!

$395 Production Fee

Due before the first rehearsal

Why does the Cabaret Series cost more than typical JAC shows?  

Actors will be working with a professional voice coach every week and performing with a live band!  Since the performance is going to be to live music they will also be rehearsing with an accompanist as opposed to a recorded track. Just like Broadway!  

Option for Monthly Payment plan available 

Tickets-$20 General Admission 

Production fees are non-refundable.  Actors are not allowed to only audition for specific parts.  All parts are important! For monthly payment plans, If your Junior Actor drops out of the show you are still responsible for the full production fee